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Free Community Event at North Side Corner of Hope

Saturday, April 22, 2017 11:00 AM
Location: Perry Hilltop, 
The intersection of W Burgess St. and Wilson Ave.

Celebrate the upcoming world premiere of The Summer King - The Josh Gibson Story with Pittsburgh Opera representatives.

At this free community event, you'll be witness to the re-dedication of new Josh Gibson and Negro League paintings. This past year, the Perry Hilltop Citizens Council, The Pittsburgh Project, and Oakglade Realty have been working to renovate this 1997 outdoor art installation that features Josh Gibson and other Negro League baseball players with accompanying quotes of these influential athletes.

Below are "Before" and "After" photos of these paintings, which will be re-dedicated on this occasion. Join us for this special community event at the intersection of W Burgess St. and Wilson Ave.

Perry Hilltop paintings before renovation

The Perry Hilltop Negro Baseball League Paintings "before" renovation

Perry Hilltop paintings after renovation

Educational events supported the renovation of the Perry Hilltop paintings.