Pittsburgh Opera Resident Artists with Riverview High School studentsAdelaide Boedecker, Meredith and Maddie Kocur, and Corrie Stallings after a Pittsburgh Opera performance of Little Women

Pittsburgh Opera relies on our wonderful volunteers to serve as ushers for our performances at CAPA High School in downtown Pittsburgh.

Two of those ushers for our production of Mark Adamo's Little Women had a special interest in the show. 

Sisters Maddie and Meredith Kocur, from Riverview High School, are going to play Jo March and her sister Beth in their upcoming high school musical of Little Women. The sisters were able to meet their Pittsburgh Opera counterparts, Resident Artists Corrie Stallings (Jo) and Adelaide Boedecker (Beth), after a recent performance. 

While being sisters in real life may give Maddie and Meredith a head start on their roles, the pair aborbed some wisdom and kind words from the two opera singers. We are sure that Riverview's production will be awesome!