Pittsburgh Opera is a proud part of the Pittsburgh community and an important reason our region thrives.  For over 80 years, Pittsburgh Opera, with the strong support of its Corporate Partners, has brought world-class opera to audiences and is at the foundation of Pittsburgh’s vibrant cultural and artistic scene.

Pittsburgh Opera is grateful for the support of our Corporate Partners. See a list of the current season’s partners

Become a Corporate Partner of Pittsburgh Opera!

Join with companies across over a dozen industries who support one of Pittsburgh’s premier performing arts organizations. Pittsburgh Opera is internationally recognized for its productions, community engagement, education programming, and its prestigious Resident Artist program.

Our audiences can be one of your most valuable resources.  Our performances, concerts, broadcasts, and live and virtual programming reach potential customers and clients across the region and the entire country.

Participate as a Corporate Partner and distinguish your company’s brand with opera.

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To explore a potential partnership that fits your company, contact Torrance Gricks, Manager of Corporate Development & Event Fundraising, at 412-281-0912 ext. 225.

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