Here are some questions people ask us all the time.

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Daughter of the Regiment, 2015

Daughter of the Regiment, 2015

What should I wear?

How much do tickets cost?

How can I understand what they're singing about?

How long will the opera be?

What's a good show for opera newbies this season?

Is it OK to bring kids to the opera?

So what's a good opera for kids this season?

Is there any special etiquette I should know about?

Is Pittsburgh Opera still performing at the Benedum Center?

Can I park near the theater?

What time should I arrive for the show?

How can I learn more about the productions?

Do you have services for people with visual impairments?

Where's the theater? Where's the Box Office? What about wheelchair access?

How can I bring a group?

Can I bring a bag into the Benedum Center?