The Barber of Seville, 2016The Barber of Seville, 2016


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  • Rusalka - Rusalka the Water Sprite risks everything for the love of a human Prince
  • The Magic Flute - Aided by a magic flute, and accompanied by Papageno the bird catcher, Tamino pursues truth and reason, love and enlightenment
  • Emmeline - The heart-wrenching story of a young Maine teenager sent to work in a Massachusetts textile mill in the 1820s
  • Soldier Songs - Explore the perceptions vs. the realities of the Soldier, the loss and exploitation of innocence, and the difficulty of expressing the truth of war
  • Aida - Verdi’s high-stakes love triangle between a brave military commander, a jealous pharaoh’s daughter, and a conflicted prisoner of war
  • Charlie Parker's Yardbird - A freeform expedition into the mind, heart, and personal purgatory of the legendary saxophonist

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