A woman in a shirt with a sash with medals on it sits on a chair as a woman in a dress lowers a crown to her head. A man and young boy stand next to the chair. A woman and man in fancy clothes stand on the otherside but further back.
The 2014-15 Resident Artist production, Rodelinda. David Bachman Photography.

Resident Artist Auditions

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Pittsburgh Opera’s Resident Artist Program has long been hailed as one of the country's leading training programs for emerging opera artists and administrators. While providing guidance from the opera industry’s leaders and innovators, the program guides singers through the development of their vocal skills, improvement of their stage presence, and expansion of their repertoire. Each year, exceptional singers from around the world are selected to enter the program through live auditions in Cincinnati, New York City, and Pittsburgh, and since 2020, through a virtual audition option. Each applicant must demonstrate significant operatic potential and thorough musical and theatrical training.

Applications for Pittsburgh Opera’s Resident Artist Program will be available from August 6 – September 11, 2023. To apply, complete our online application via YAP Tracker at the link below:

2023-25 Resident Artist Program: Singer Application

REMINDER: The deadline to apply is Monday, September 11, 2023.

You do not need to be a paying subscriber to YAP Tracker to use the application form, although you will need an account (guest accounts are available; see the website for details). If you need help completing the application or using YAP Tracker, please visit https://www.yaptracker.com/more/help/getting-started/ or email their help desk directly at help@yaptracker.com.

Required Application Materials:

  • Your current professional resume.
  • Two (2) video recordings of selections in contrasting styles and languages recorded within the last six months. One must be an opera aria; one may be a performance recording, if desired. Recordings may be made with either live accompaniment or a pre-recorded track.
  • Your audition repertoire list. Audition repertoire should consist of five (5) contrasting arias demonstrating French, German, English and Italian language aptitude. Audition repertoire may be amended at a later date.
  • Contact information for two (2) references of recognized authorities in the opera field (voice teacher, coach, conductor, director, administrator, etc.). Letters of recommendation are not required. References may be contacted via phone or email.
  • A current headshot.

There is no fee to apply for Pittsburgh Opera's Resident Artist Program.

Live and Virtual Auditions:
We will be holding our annual live audition tour in Cincinnati, New York City, and Pittsburgh. In addition, we will again offer video auditions. We encourage live auditions whenever possible, but welcome those who are unavailable or unable to sing in-person at one of our audition locations to apply for a video audition.

Applicants will be notified if they are granted an audition by Friday, October 20, 2023.

For live auditions, applicants should be prepared to sing, from memory, five (5) contrasting arias demonstrating French, German, English, and Italian language aptitude. Applicants are required to submit a repertoire list within the application, but audition repertoire may be amended at a later date.

Applicants who are granted a virtual audition will be required to record and submit two (2) selections in one continuous video recording (without stopping the camera). Repertoire for virtual auditions will be selected by the singer. Guidelines for repertoire selection and video production will be provided.

Virtual applicants should apply in the same manner as live audition applicants, indicating “Virtual Audition” in the drop-down menus for location.

Audition Locations and Dates:

Virtual: Applicants who are granted a virtual audition must submit their audition video by Friday, November 17, 2023.

Cincinnati, OH: Monday, November 27 – Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pittsburgh, PA: Friday, December 1 – Saturday, December 2, 2023

New York, NY: Monday, December 4 – Friday, December 8, 2022                

Term and Compensation:
Applicants accepted to Pittsburgh Opera’s Resident Artist Program will be under exclusive contract from September 2023 through May 2024 (Dates TBC). Resident Artists are expected to participate in the program for two consecutive seasons.

For the 2023-24 season, Resident Artist Singers will receive a stipend of $800.00/week for 34 weeks, AGMA rates for mainstage roles, and assistance with relocation expenses and voice lessons.

Resident Artist Stage Director

Resident Artist FAQ