Pittsburgh Opera's mobile app is available for free download in the App Store for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch) and Google Play for Android devices (including phones and tablets). With the Pittsburgh Opera mobile app, users can:

  • Learn about upcoming Pittsburgh Opera performances and other events
  • Learn about the singers and musicians who will be performing
  • View video excerpts of select performances
  • Connect to all of Pittsburgh Opera’s social media accounts

Please note that due to COVID-19's impact, Pittsburgh Opera is unable to offer the full app experience for our spring 2021 productions. However, we will be posting comparable bonus content in our Facebook and YouTube chats during the free livestreams. 

In addition, Pittsburgh Opera's mobile app allows patrons to receive exclusive visual and audio content through their smartphones in real time during our performances. This content may include:

  • Interviews with cast members, the director, and the conductor
  • Musical themes and motifs featured in the opera
  • Historical context for specific scenes in the opera
  • Interesting trivia about the composer and the production
  • "Director's Commentary" about specific scenes

App Etiquette

The Pittsburgh Opera Mobile App is intended to enhance your experience, not to detract from other patrons' experience. When using the App during a performance:

A mute Symbol


  • Please silence all phone alerts and ringtones prior to the performance
  • Audio content will only be delivered if you have headphones plugged into your phone or are using a Bluetooth headset
  • Please refrain from using your phone for anything other than the app - no texting, social media, emailing, etc.
  • Please be respectful of other patrons when using the app. Hold your phone in your lap - do not hold it up to eye level where it could distract the people sitting next to or behind you

Download from Google Play
Download in the Apple App Store

Funding for the Pittsburgh Opera Mobile App is generously provided by an OPERA America Innovation Grant from the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, and by the Hillman Foundation

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