Teachers confer at a recent Workshop for Educators
Teachers confer at a recent Workshop for Educators

We train teachers of all grade levels to integrate arts so thousands of students can enjoy opera.
Workshops for Educators

Our signature programs that ripple outward, Workshops for Educators are unique professional development opportunities that address Pennsylvania Academic Standards in all content areas. Earn Act 48 hours while you explore the historical, cultural, and societal circumstances of an opera's creation!

Each workshop includes activities, book, CD, lesson ideas, live performance, meals, PowerPoints, resource materials, and study guides. The prerequisite workshop for the annual Student Matinee also features a comprehensive Arts Event Discovery Packet, filled with dozens of activities to prepare students for attending the opera.

To enroll in the Workshops, please email Marilyn Michalka Egan, Ph.D., Director of Education, or call her at 412-281-0912, ext. 242.

Opera Academy

A stimulating and intensive year-long program, Opera Academy is a unique professional development experience designed to immerse educators from all grades and content areas into the world of opera and arts integration.

Educators receive a full season subscription, attend four full-day workshops, develop lessons to connect the arts to other academic areas, and prepare students to attend an opera performance (tickets provided by Opera Academy). In return, Opera Academy members prepare a portfolio to document how they use opera in their classrooms.

Learn more about Opera Academy.