in a grove

Music by Christopher Cerrone, libretto by Stephanie Fleischmann, based on the short story by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa • Feb. 19, 22, 25, 27 & March 1, 3, 2022

A silent, expectant grove. A violent encounter between a man, a woman, and a notorious brigand.

Seven testimonies, each proposing a different perspective on the crime. Akutagawa’s classic short story “In a Grove,” which inspired the plot of Kurosawa’s renowned film Rashomon, offers a searing investigation into the impossibility and elusiveness of truth.

Epic and intimate, timeless and devastatingly timely, the story’s structure lends itself powerfully to music’s ability to conjure—via repetition and variation—how human perception, memory, and desire are fallible, imprecise, and subject to interference.

Join us for this unique world-premiere experience in a place where the ground shifts beneath your feet—a space of ambiguity and clarity, of beauty and menace, and of fragility and strength.

Antony Walker conducts; Mary Birnbaum directs.

This production is sponsored in part by the Allen R. and Judy Brick Freedman Venture Fund for Opera.

Ambrose Raines (Andrew Turner), Leona Raines (Madeline Ehlinger), and The Outlaw Luther Harlow (Yazid Gray) - photo credit: David Bachman

Leona Raines (Madeline Ehlinger) - photo credit: David Bachman

Leona Raines (Madeline Ehlinger) tries to heal her husband Ambrose’s (Andrew Turner) wounds - photo credit: David Bachman

The Woodcutter (Yazid Gray) gives his testimony - photo credit: David Bachman

The Medium (Chuanyuan Liu)

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