The student matinee performance of Daughter of the Regiment, May 2015
The Student Matinee performance of Daughter of the Regiment, May 2015

Students of all ages are fascinated and enthralled by the grand spectacle of opera. Pittsburgh Opera provides exciting opportunities for students to learn more about opera.

Student Matinee for Grades 3-12: The Elixir of Love
Thursday, April 26, 2018, 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM at the Benedum Center

Opera performances for students take place at the Benedum Center. At least one teacher from each school must attend the prerequisite Workshop for Educators before tickets are issued.

Download or read our Student Matinee brochure. For more information about bringing your student group to the Student Matinee of The Elixir of Love, please email Marilyn Egan, Director of Education, or call her at 412-281-0912, ext. 242.


High School Apprentices

A great start for students who are considering a career in the performing arts. This select program for opera enthusiasts from area high schools gives students the opportunity to inform their potential career decisions through discussions and coaching sessions. Students complete an academic project of interest to them and may attend other events to learn more about opera from behind the scenes. Download or read our High School Apprentice brochure.

High School Vocal Mock Auditions

All singers must audition numerous times throughout their careers—especially when starting out. This program provides opportunities for students to experience an abbreviated, college-type audition process, complete with professional feedback, to help them assess their musical capabilities and prepare them for an actual college audition.

Our 2017 Mock Audition will be October 8th from 1:00 - 5:00pm. Download or read our Mock Auditions brochure to learn more about it. 

To learn more information about opera programs for students, please email Marilyn Michalka Egan, Ph.D., Director of Education, or call her at 412-281-0912, ext 242.