History & Alumni


Training emerging artists is an important component of Pittsburgh Opera’s educational programs. Since the early 1990s, the Pittsburgh Opera’s Resident Artist training program has provided exceptionally talented artists with opportunities to improve and perfect the skills necessary to launch successful professional careers. Today, the program is internationally respected and acknowledged as one of the top programs in the country, alongside those of San Francisco Opera, the Metropolitan Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera, and Houston Grand Opera.

The resident artists form the backbone of Pittsburgh Opera’s education program, while simultaneously gaining performance and audience experiences necessary to further their professional careers. In addition to being heavily featured in an annual production chosen especially for the current group of Resident Artists (Hansel & Gretel, 2012; Rinaldo, 2011; The Rape of Lucretia, 2010; Don Pasquale, 2009), the singers serve as ambassadors for the company by participating in programs for public schools, community centers, libraries, and corporate events. As Pittsburgh Opera has four mainstage productions each season, the Resident Artists of Pittsburgh Opera’s ongoing work in our community plays a critical role in keeping Pittsburgh Opera visible throughout the year.

Pittsburgh Opera’s Resident Artist training program offers emerging artists individual evaluation and training in all of the basic and specialized skills necessary for successful career advancement. Intensive vocal coaching sessions with resident vocal coaches, frequent master classes with distinguished guest artists – plus classes in stage movement, dance, and foreign languages – make the Resident Artist training regimen rigorous and comprehensive.

So that each artist receives enough highly personalized time and attention, General Director Christopher Hahn selects no more than eight artists to participate in the program each year. Participants are selected from a competitive pool of more than 600 applicants through national auditions held in New York City, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. Each applicant must demonstrate significant operatic potential and thorough musical and theatrical training. Applicants who are granted an audition must demonstrate their versatility and proficiency in various musical styles and foreign languages by performing five contrasting arias in at least two foreign languages.

Throughout the year, the Resident Artists of Pittsburgh Opera work to introduce various communities throughout southwestern Pennsylvania to opera. Resident Artists broaden Pittsburgh Opera’s reach into the community through their ongoing performances in schools, community centers, libraries, public markets, and at corporate events. The annual Cabaret serves as a ticketed revenue-generating event for Pittsburgh Opera, as well as a production that can be marketed for corporate entertainment.


Many of Pittsburgh Opera’s young Resident Artists have gone on to successful careers and have headlined at the Metropolitan Opera and some of the world's most prestigious opera houses, including:

  • Marianne Cornetti – La Scala, Metropolitan, Vienna
  • Rolando Villazon – Berlin, Paris, Metropolitan
  • Oren Gradus – Metropolitan, Marseilles, Houston
  • David Miller – Broadway Boheme, La Scala
  • Maria Zifchak – Metropolitan, Houston
  • Kevin Glavin – San Francisco, New York City Opera

Search the database of Resident Artists Alumni.

First Name Last Name Voice Class
Javier Abreu Tenor 2001-02
Rodolfo Acosta Tenor 1987
Lisa Actor Soprano 1990
Daphne Alderson Mezzo 1989 app.
Kate Aldrich Mezzo 1998-99
Francisco Almanza Tenor 1999-00
Lindsay Ammann Mezzo 2009-10
Reuven Aristeguete-Senger Tenor 1990-91
Elizabeth Baer Soprano 2003-04
Noah Baetge Tenor 2009-10
Ron Baker Baritone 1989
Zara Barrett Soprano 2001-02
Joseph Barron Bass-Baritone 2012-13
Lielle Berman Soprano 1998-99
Valerie Bernhardt Soprano 1994-95
Carolyn Betty Soprano 2002-03
Jonathan Beyer Baritone 2007-08
Daniel Billings Baritone 2006-07
Sylvia Bloom Soprano 1995-96 apprentice
Aaron Borst Bass 1999-00
Jean Marie Braham Soprano 1988
Greggory Brandt Baritone 1991-92 apprentice
Daniel Brewer Tenor 1986
Melissa Brezinsky Soprano 2000-01
Judith Burbank Soprano 1987
Daniel Burgin Tenor 1990
Jennifer Casey Cabot Soprano 1989
Mark Calvert Tenor 1999-00
Rene Carnevali Soprano 1988 app.
Karin Caspi Mezzo 2001-02
George Cederquist Stage Director 2013-14
Patrick Chestnut Conductor 1992-93
Karen Coker Soprano 2000-01
Deborah Cole Soprano 1988
Jason Collins Tenor 2003-04
Steven Condy Bass 1989
George Cordes Bass 1992-93
David Corman Baritone(Tenor) 1987
Marianne Cornetti Mezzo 1989
Christina Cox Soprano 1993-94
Raul Cragg Baritone 1995-96 apprentice
Daniel Curran Tenor 2013-14
John Daniecki Tenor 1986
Donna Darden-Spangler Soprano 1990-91
Don Davis Baritone 1994-95
Brian Davis Soprano 1990
Juan José de León Tenor 2011-12
Sharon Derstine Soprano 1990-91
Alex DeSocio baritone 2014-15
Marjorie Elinor McClean Dix Soprano 1991-92
Thomas Doherty Tenor 1996-97
Deborah Domanski Mezzo 2003-04
Katherine Drago Mezzo 2007-08
Deborah Dunn Mezzo 1986
Stephen Eisenhard Bass 1989
Teresa Eldh Soprano 1986
Ethelyn Enos Soprano 1986
Arthur Espiritu Tenor 2005-06
Cheryl Evans Soprano 1998-99
Carlos Feliciano Tenor 2007-08
Colm Fitzmaurice Tenor 1998-99
Jessica Flint Mezzo 1998-99
James Flora Tenor 2009-10
Peter Nathan Foltz Tenor 2002-03
Adam Fry Bass-Baritone 2010-11
John Furman Bass 1989
Steven Gaudagno Conductor 1992-93
Philip Gay bass-baritone 2014-15
Sondra Gelb Soprano 1987
Laurie Gibson Soprano 1989
Camille Gifford Mezzo 1991-92
Kevin Glavin Bass 1987
Deborah Golembiski Soprano 1987
Liliana Gomez-Arzapalo Soprano 1991-92 apprentice
Alicia Gonzales-Grugett Soprano 1986
Oren Gradus Bass 1997-98
Barton Green Tenor 1990-91
Ian Greenlaw Baritone 1997-98
Daniel Gross Bass-Baritone 2000-01
Kirsten Gunlogson Mezzo 2000-01
Olga Gurkovska Mezzo 1994-95
John Hancock Baritone 1989
Robert John Harper Director 1992-93
Neal Harrelson Tenor 1992-93
Adam Harris Baritone 1991-92
Holli Harrison Mezzo 2001-02
Christina Harrop Soprano 1997-98
Josepth Haughton Tenor 2004-05
Stephanie Havey Stage Director 2011-12
Nancy Herrera Mezzo 1992-93
Jonathan Hodel Tenor 1995-96
Jennifer Holloway Mezzo 2005-06
Susan Holsonbake Soprano 1993-94
Sandra Hormozi Mezzo 1990-91
Joel Jameson Baritone 1990-91 apprentice
Shelley Jammeson Soprano 1990-91
Jane Jennings Soprano 1996-97
Jason Karn Tenor 2005-06
Dan Kempson Baritone 2009-10
Shannon Kessler Dooley Soprano 2009-10
Meredith Kitchin Soprano 1995-96
Sarah Kleeman Mezzo 2003-04
Laura Knoop-Very Soprano 1989
Dean Kokanos Tenor 2007-08
Samantha Korbey Mezzo-Soprano 2012-13
Adrienne Kowal Soprano 1990-91
Krzysztof Kowalewski Bass-Baritone 2002-03
Andrew Krikawa Baritone 1996-97
Manuel Lanza Baritone 1990
Stephanie Lauricella Mezzo-Soprano 2010-11
Elizabeth Lawrence Soprano 1992-93
Marcie Ley Soprano 1993-94
Victoria Litherland Soprano 1991-92
Alexandra Loutsion Soprano 2010-11
Audrey Luna Soprano 2006-07
Meredith Lustig Soprano 2012-13
Ken Magos Baritone 1991-92
Johnny Maldonado Tenor(Counter) 1991-92
Charlene Marcinko Mezzo 1993-94
Randa Marshall Soprano 1995-96
Patricia McAfee Mezzo 1990
Mary Clare McAlee Mezzo 1993-94 apprentice
Beth McLoed Mezzo 1993-94
Jose Medina Tenor 1989
Molly Meehan Mezzo 1990-91
David Miller Tenor 1996-97
Tim Mix Baritone 2004-05
Michael Monnikendam Baritone 1994-95 apprentice
Brian Moon Baritone 1995-96
Liam Moran Bass-Baritone 2007-08
Matt Morgan Tenor 2000-01
Jasmine Muhammad Soprano 2014-15
Rosemary Museleno Soprano 1989
Karin Mushegain Soprano 2005-06
Euro Nava Tenor 1993-94
Rod Nelman Baritone 1991-92
Coleen Neubert Soprano 1989
Susan Nicely Mezzo 1986
NaGuanda Nobles Soprano 2005-06
Kyle Oliver Baritone 2011-12
Diane Ospina Soprano 1997-98
Coral Owdom Soprano 2000-01
Sean Panikkar Tenor 2004-05
Danielle Pastin Soprano 2008-09
Jon Pescevich Bass 1988
Patricia Phillips Soprano 1989
Lisa Pierce Soprano 1990
Rebecca Pitcher Soprano 1996-97
Brian Podolny Bariton 1996-97
Walter Pool Tenor 1992-93
Alvaro Ramirez Bass 1995-96
Dani Raphael Mezzo 1990-91
Jessie Raven Mezzo 1996-97
Jeannie Reavel Soprano 1988 app.
Jeffrey Reynolds Tenor 1988
Andrew Richards Tenor 1994-95
Sharon Richards Soprano 1996-97
Cassandra Riddle Soprano 1990
Nicole Rodin Mezzo-Soprano 2012-13
Elizabeth Rundlette Soprano 1990-91
Hugh Russell Baritone 1999-00
Sam Savage Tenor 1991-92
David Schanaurd Baritone 1990
Mary Beth Sederburg Mezzo 1997-98
Deborah Selig Soprano 2007-08
Matthew Shaw Baritone 2000-01
Kevin Short Bass 1987
John Shulik Bass 1986
Heidi Skok Soprano 1990-91
Samuel Smith Bass 1992-93
Brent Stater Baritone 1990-91 apprentice
Danielle Strauss Soprano 1992-93
Philipp Sulzberger Baritone 2001-02
Jay Taylor Baritone 1986
Daniel Teadt Baritone 2002-03
Richard Teaster Bass 1996-97
Eric Thomas Baritone 1993-94
Bronwyn Thomas Mezzo 1988
Helen Todd Soprano 1994-95
Philip Torre Baritone 1999-00
Timothy Truschel Baritone 1989
Tammy Tyburczy Soprano 2004-05
Charles Unice Bass-Baritone 2005-05
Melanie Vaccari Soprano 1998-99
Craig Verm Baritone 2004-05
Anna Vikre Soprano 1991-92
Rolando Villazon Tenor 1998-99
Suzanne Vinnik Soprano 2011-12
Diane Walker Soprano 1990-91
Matthew Walley Tenor 1993-94
Gloria Nathan Watson Mezzo 1989
Brent Weber Tenor 1987
Max Wittges Bass-Baritone 1987
Julie Wolf Soprano 1990-91
Caroline Worra Soprano 1999-00
Monica Yunus Soprano 2002-03
Maria Zifchak Mezzo 1995-96
Ellen Zimmer Soprano 1990