savage winter

by Douglas J. Cuomo,
Directed by Jonathan Moore • February 17, 20, 23 & 25, 2018

"BREAKING BAD meets Samuel Beckett...a journey to a Dante-esque underworld."

Pittsburgh Opera is proud to produce our second world premiere in two years. Savage Winter (formerly called Ashes & Snow), composed by Douglas J. Cuomo and directed by Jonathan Moore, is based on Wilhelm Müller’s 24 poem cycle used as the text for Franz Schubert’s famous Winterreise (“Winter Journey”).

The 24 poems and songs of the Winterreise tell an anguished story of lost love, through what is essentially a single dramatic monologue, sung here by Pittsburgh Opera Resident Artist tenor Eric Ferring.

The protagonist (Eric Ferring) reminisces about a Linden Tree, a reminder of happier days.

Savage Winter is set in the present day, and unfolds in a run-down motel room in the desert of the American West. The protagonist must confront his demons and face up to everything he has done, and all he has lost, in his life. He is searching for forgiveness, enlightenment and atonement.

Mr. Ferring will be accompanied by three on-stage musicians, led from the piano by Pittsburgh Opera Director of Musical Studies Mark Trawka. Also included is a trumpet, an electric guitar played by the composer himself, and electronic sound effects. The musical style is ‘21st century art-song,’ infused with acid jazz and punk energy, to create a very raw and emotional experience.

BREAKING BAD is a trademark of Sony Pictures Television Inc. This production contains brief nudity.

The Protagonist confronts his demons. Photo by David Bachman.

The Protagonist looks for solace in a bottle. Photo by David Bachman.

The Protagonist sings of The Linden Tree. Photo by David Bachman.

Photo by David Bachman.

Photo by David Bachman.

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