Pittsburgh, PA
June 4, 2020
Chris Cox, Director of Marketing and Communications
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Pittsburgh Opera stands in strong solidarity with the Black community, both in Pittsburgh and nationally. We unequivocally support the right to peaceful protests, and those who work to ensure "liberty and justice for all". Black Lives Matter.

In 2017, Pittsburgh Opera produced our first world premiere, The Summer King – the Josh Gibson Story. It explored the racism and injustice that Josh Gibson, like all baseball players of color, faced in 1930s and 40s America, and how it destroyed him. Sadly, that racism and injustice still exists in America today.

We continue to re-examine ourselves so that in the spirit of continual improvement we can make further strides towards helping achieve a more equitable company, community, and society. We reiterate our commitment to being a part of positive change, and being an organization where all voices are heard.

Christopher Hahn, General Director
Donald R. Fischer, M.D., Board President
Michele Fabrizi, Board Chair