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February 20, 2019
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Rejections, objections, and deceptions - Pittsburgh Opera presents a fresh take on a classic comedy, Donizetti’s Don Pasquale


Pittsburgh, PA… Pittsburgh Opera will finish its 80th season with a fresh take on Gaetano Donizetti’s Don Pasquale, one of history’s greatest comic operas, in a 1950s Hollywood production that has never been performed in Pittsburgh.

The story concerns old and wealthy bachelor Don Pasquale, who has been the caretaker of his nephew, Ernesto, for some time. Pasquale attempts to secure Ernesto’s future by arranging a marriage between Ernesto and a “proper” girl. However, Ernesto is in love with the young widow Norina, and refuses to marry Pasquale’s suggested bride. With the help of their friend Dr. Malatesta, Ernesto and Norina set out to trick Don Pasquale into letting them marry after all.

Dr. Malatesta has Norina impersonate his sweet, innocent sister and marry Pasquale in a fake wedding. She then drives Pasquale up the wall with a series of outrageous antics until he is at her mercy and will agree to anything to get rid of her.

This production is a Hollywood retrospective with a focus on The Silent Film Era and the Golden Years of the 1950s.

As always, English supertitles will be projected above the stage.

Gary Wedow conducts. Chuck Hudson directs.

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