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August 13, 2019
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Pittsburgh Opera gives Mozart’s Masterpiece Don Giovanni a stylish film noir look

Photo from the film noir production of Don Giovanni

Photo by Cory Weaver for Lyric Opera of Kansas City

Charming nobleman. Serial womanizer. Sexual predator. Don Giovanni is all these and more. As the list of people out to get him grows longer, eventually his misdeeds are bound to catch up with him.

Pittsburgh Opera starts its 81st season with a Mozart masterpiece. Don Giovanni leaves a trail of broken hearts, and worse, wherever he goes. He has his servant, the reluctant doormat Leporello, keep a journal of Don Giovanni’s many romantic conquests. Completely without morals or a conscience, Don Giovanni sexually assaults Donna Anna, then kills her father the Commendatore, who had tried to come to her defense. He seduces young Zerlina on her wedding day. But all actions have consequences, as Don Giovanni is soon to learn.

An irresistible classic, Mozart’s Don Giovanni seamlessly combines comedy and tragedy with one of the great musical scores of all time to create one of the world’s favorite operas.

As always, English supertitles will be projected above the stage.

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