George Frideric Handel • January 25, 28, 31; February 2, 2020

Alcina is a Baroque masterpiece by George Frideric Handel. The title character, Alcina, is a malicious sorceress who lives on an enchanted island with her sister Morgana. Alcina uses her magic spells to trick men into falling in love with her. But once she tires of them, she turns them into animals or inanimate objects.

Alcina’s current crush is Ruggiero, a chivalrous knight she has captured. Ruggiero’s fiancé Bradamante and her tutor Melisso arrive to bring Ruggiero home. But Alcina and Morgana have no intention of letting him leave, setting the stage for a climactic showdown. Will Ruggiero regain his senses in time? Will Alcina’s evil spell finally be broken?  

All performances will be in the cozy confines of Pittsburgh CAPA Theater, 111 9th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, which is ideally suited for Baroque performances.

Pittsburgh Opera is pleased to partner with Chatham Baroque for Alcina. Founded in 1990, Chatham Baroque continues to excite local, national, and international audiences with dazzling technique and lively interpretations of 17th- and 18th-century music played on authentic period instruments.

Pittsburgh Opera Music Director Antony Walker conducts. Matthew Haney directs.

Alcina (Caitlin Gotimer) threatens Bradamante (Laurel Semerdjian). Photo by David Bachman.

Morgana (Natasha Wilson, left), Bradamante (Laurel Semerdjian, right). Photo by David Bachman.

Oronte (Angel Romero). Photo by David Bachman.

Ruggiero (Antonia Botti-Lodovico) prepares to smash Alcina’s magic orb, while Bradamante (Laurel Semerdjian) watches. Photo by David Bachman.

Alcina (Caitlin Gotimer). Photo by David Bachman.

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