by Gaetano Donizetti • April 21, 24, 27 & 29, 2018

We will conclude our 2017-18 season with Donizetti’s L’elisir d’Amore - The Elixir Of Love, a comedy about a traveling medicine show huckster who claims to possess a love potion.

The story concerns a “little nobody” named Nemorino. Nemorino is smitten with the beautiful and wealthy Adina, who appears to be completely out of his league. His prospects are further diminished when the handsome and dashing Sergeant Belcore arrives.

But when Doctor Dulcamara rolls into town and sells Nemorino a bottle of his dubious Elixir of Love, things get very interesting. Why is Nemorino suddenly popular with every girl in the village? Will he win Adina's love before it's too late?

With a sunny 1950s-style production that's new to Pittsburgh, The Elixir of Love is full of charming romance and light-hearted fun. 

Wigle Whiskey will be providing free samples of their very own Elixir of Love in the Benedum lobby during all four performances. Using Wigle’s own Rhubarb Liqueur as a base, this bright, lively concoction is loaded with vibrant flavor and personality – just like Dr. Dulcamara himself.

"A Fellini-esque vision of scooters, cappuccino machines and champagne fountains, set on a sun-washed hotel terrace overlooking the sea…”
-The Guardian

The crowd bids Dr. Dulcamara (Paolo Pecchioli) and his assistant (Simon Nigam) a fond farewell. Photo By: David Bachman

Belcore (Zachary Nelson) and Adina (Ekaterina Siurina) fill a champagne fountain at their engagement party. Photo By: David Bachman

Adina (Ekaterina Siurina) and Dr. Dulcamara (Paolo Pecchioli) sing a duet at Adina’s engagement party. Photo By: David Bachman

Nemorino (Dimitri Pittas) has some newfound swagger after consuming some Elixir of Love, which unbeknownst to him is cheap red wine. Photo By: David Bachman

Sergeant Belcore (Zachary Nelson) entices Nemorino (Dimitri Pittas) into enlisting with the promise of a big signing bonus. Photo By: David Bachman

A gaggle of tipsy women, led by Giannetta (Shannon Jennings), learn that Nemorino has just inherited a fortune from his recently-deceased uncle, and see an opportunity. Photo By: David Bachman

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