Pittsburgh Opera wants you to feel safe attending our performances and events.

We have developed and are implementing robust safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to protect patrons, visitors, employees, staff, artists, and volunteers, as well as mitigate the potential for spread of COVID-19 in our organizational areas and communities. 

All policies have been developed with consideration for recommendations and/or orders from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the Allegheny County Health Department, as well as best practices being developed in the performing arts industry in the United States and abroad.

These protocols are not only intended to keep you safe, but to allow you to sit back and enjoy our performances with peace of mind.

Building Cleanings/Facility Hygiene
Pittsburgh Opera Headquarters undergoes daily cleaning, and continues to follow pre-existing cleaning protocols. Additionally, high-touch areas are cleaned and disinfected daily using an EPA-registered disinfectant to kill human coronavirus.

Hand Hygiene
Pittsburgh Opera has made hand soap and hand sanitizer accessible throughout the building either at sinks or sanitizing stations placed appropriately at key entry points and where sinks are not readily available.

Respiratory Etiquette 
Pittsburgh Opera provides tissues and trash bins at or near sanitizing stations throughout the building. Anyone entering the building should always cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or use the inside of their elbow when coughing or sneezing and immediately wash or sanitize their hands.

Face Covering 

  • In accordance with the Pennsylvania 'Department Of Health Lifting Universal Masking Order On June 28', Pittsburgh Opera no longer has face covering requirements in our building. 
  • We encourage any Company Member or Guest who is more comfortable wearing a face covering to continue to do so. 
  • Face coverings may include but are not limited to homemade or purchased cloth face masks, disposable face masks, scarves, or bandanas as long as both mouth and nose are covered completely.
  • Disposable masks will also be available on a limited basis should a Company Member or Guest request one.

Social Distancing 

  • All persons are expected to adhere to posted occupancy limits or restrictions, and to adhere to posted signage and instructions regarding traffic patterns throughout the building.


  • Pittsburgh Opera Headquarters now maintains a minimum outdoor air ventilation of 15% at all times, and increases this amount as appropriate. 
  • Our HVAC systems now run 24/7 to allow for maximum air changeover and removal of particles.
  • Pittsburgh Opera has upgraded to MERV-13 filters in all our HVAC units.

In addition to the above, any person arriving at Pittsburgh Opera Headquarters will be required to complete an online health screening before entering the building. Detailed information about the screening can be found below.

Online Health Screenings before entering Pittsburgh Opera Headquarters