Pittsburgh Opera's Forever 80th Anniversary Capital Campaign is a $50 million comprehensive campaign to promote our three cornerstones of Art, Community, and Resilience.

This campaign will honor our history and tradition of quality, help make Pittsburgh Opera a model of entrepreneurship and inclusion, and secure one of Pittsburgh’s great cultural treasures for future generations.

ART – changing lives through the power of voice and helping opera thrive as an art form in the 21st century

  • Ensuring we can continue to attract world-class artists to perform leading roles on stage
  • Striking the balance between new and classic repertoire
  • Training tomorrow’s talent through our Resident Artists program

COMMUNITY – celebrating human connectedness

  • Audiences – encouraging more people to be part of what we do
  • Partnerships – exploring and expanding relationships
  • Education – sharing with, and learning from, our community
  • Leadership – developing our Board and other volunteers
  • Branding – broadening awareness and visibility

RESILIENCE – preparing for change

  • Strengthening our financial foundation to create a secure future for the company
  • Creating a sound financial model to make Pittsburgh Opera recognized for both artistic and financial success

We invite you to join us. Learn how to get involved in our 80th Anniversary Campaign. Or, 
make a one-time gift to Pittsburgh Opera.

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